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Since it was first founded in 1909, Harsco has always grown with the times. Innovation is at the heart of our product offering, and we are continually looking for ways to push track maintenance and installation forward to ensure we deliver cutting-edge products and technologies for our customers.

Harsco Rail is trusted by customers across the globe to provide high-quality, effective equipment that allows them to operate at peak efficiency. Our products improve safety and reduce costs by introducing automation in operations that previously relied on slow manual labour.

We provide a vast array of equipment and services, partnering with rail organisations of all shapes and sizes, from international and national operators, to inner-city transit networks.

Our European team has an unrivalled knowledge of the country’s rail infrastructure, and can also provide route learning services and diversion crews to help keep passengers across the country on track.

What follows is an overview of our products and services, demonstrating how Harsco Rail meets the needs of the track every day.


We are delighted to share our vision and mission statements. These are designed to ensure that our activity is completely aligned to the company’s long-term goals. We use our clear and concise vision and mission statements to communicate our aspirations to our people, our customers and our stakeholders. Our core values are what support our vision and mission – shaping the culture to reflect what the company values. They are the essence of our identity – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of our values.

Our Mission

We will serve the industry by providing our customers with compelling solutions that address their needs by applying superior technology, knowledge and expertise.

We will meet and exceed our customers´ expectations as well as deliver sustainable growth and profitability.

We will pursue excellence in the way we work and utilize our leadership competences to lean, execute, accelerate performance as well as nature our talent.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in track maintenance and construction by consistently creating value for our customers.