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Harsco Rail operates across the world and has a proven and sustained track record in providing customised, technology-driven rail track solutions.

The company has been pioneering mechanised maintenance for more than 100 years. Today, Harsco is still leading the way with practical, customer-driven solutions that set the standard for insight, innovation and performance - keeping the wheels of commerce driving forward and passengers on the move.

This website is a gateway to Harsco Rail’s operations in the UK and across Europe, the Middle East and in Africa. Please hover over the map to visit the relevant website for the territory in which you operate. Our highly trained team of innovation and technology experts are standing by to help and advise you on the world’s leading track maintenance solutions.






We are delighted to share our vision and mission statements. These are designed to ensure that our activity is completely aligned to the company’s long-term goals. We use our clear and concise vision and mission statements to communicate our aspirations to our people, our customers and our stakeholders. Our core values are what support our vision and mission – shaping the culture to reflect what the company values. They are the essence of our identity – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of our values

Our Mission

To be the global leader in track maintenance and construction by consistently creating value for our customers.

With uncompromising integrity and ethical business practices; dependable, world class products and services; we anticipate customer needs and meet/exceed fulfilment expectations.

Additionally, we increase the safety of rail transportation by designing and operating products that are conducive to promoting injury-free work environments for customers and employees.

Our Vision

We will meet/exceed our customers’ expectations as well as deliver sustainable Growth and profitability through pursuing Excellence in the way we work and utilising our Leadership competencies to Learn, Execute, Accelerate performance as well as Nurture our talent.

Our Winning Aspiration

Win in the markets we serve by providing our customers with compelling solutions that address their needs by applying superior technology, knowledge and expertise.


Across (Vision…Our Priorities)

  1. Building a sustainable business throughexpansion
  2. Meeting / exceeding our customers expectations
  3. Most critical competency

Down (Delivering our Vision)

How we continuously improve

  1. How we connect commitments to results
  2. How we beat the competition How we develop our talent