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Harsco Rail’s innovative Multipurpose Stoneblower has been designed to make sure track geometry remains in position up to three times longer than with traditional tamping methods.

It ensures a smooth track surface which is immediately available for unrestricted line speeds.

We engineer our Multipurpose Stoneblowers to order, designed to the exact specifications of our customers.

Our 113-tonne machine stretches 32.2 metres along the track. Despite its massive size, it can reach maximum speeds of 60mph.

It scans track at speeds of up to 10mph, recording data to precisely position where ballast is required for track geometry restoration.

This remarkable machine’s on-board crane can fully load with stone in less than an hour.

Its onboard systems can lift track to position accuracy of 1.0mm without disturbing the pre-existing compacted foundation.

It features a first-rate operator interface that is controlled through a touchscreen monitor and a diagnostic system that monitors all machine functions, including drive and stone supply system.