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Quality & Safety

Harsco Rail safety statement

Our Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) vision is Zero Harm to people and the environment so everyone can enjoy life at work, home, and play. Harsco Rail is committed to operating in a manner that protects and sustains the safety, health and wellness of our Harsco colleagues, our customers’ employees, contractors, suppliers and the communities in which we live and operate. We will be in compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and ordinances throughout our worldwide operations. Based on proven beliefs and principles, our EH&S program empowers the organization and individuals to achieve the highest level of safety and environmental performance. The foundation of our EH&S program is built on the principals derived from the Corporate philosophy within Harsco’s EH&S Framework guidelines.

Training Programs

Our training programs not only comply with regulatory requirements for physical hazards, addressing topics such as Hazard Communication, Energy Control, and Machine Guarding, but they also emphasize human behavior through relation base safety activities and our leadership training courses.

Strong Management

With strong Senior Management involvement and participation, the Safety, Health, and Environment department communicates safety through Site Assessments, Environmental, Health and Safety Alerts, Monthly Tracking Reports, Incident Review, Safety Committees and Weekly and Monthly Safety Meetings.


We are committed to continuous improvement of risk reduction to safe guarding our personnel, environment and equipment through industry leading technology as an essential element of doing business. Our effort to continuously improve safety and environmental performance is evident in the development of our integrated management system.

Our goal is simple, Zero Harm!

Harsco Rail quality statement

Our goal is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality
With our strategy “Quality At The Source”, every employee assumes responsibility for the performance, consistency, safety and value of our products. Customer focus is the backbone of our ISO 9001 compliant quality sector of our integrated management system. On this basis, all processes are regularly monitored, and process effectiveness and efficiency are continuously improved. This enables us to offer our customers first-class products and services that meet and exceed our customer expectations.